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“Blow”, installation, photo & animation. Blow, Pavillon no. 11, 2018.

cph flip book nest

cph flip book nest is a traveling gallery for flip books made by Nordic artists who works with drawing. The gallery had its first exhibition in January 2018 in Copenhagen and is initiated and run by artist Christina Bredahl Duelund. Pavillon no. 11, 2018.


“Genklang”, acrylic mirror. Metro fence, Sortedamssøen, Copenhagen 2017.


“Skin”, installation. Personlig, 2017.

Tomme huse

“Tomme huse”, sculpture, painted wood and mirror. Dimension, Rundetaarn 2016.

House of Structure

House of Structure

“House of Structure”, iron, rope, spray paint drawing. Arkitektoniske Kramper, OVADA, Oxford, Great Britain 2015.


“Skin”, installation. Composing Space, Gjethuset, 2015.

Composing Space

“Composing Space”, installation. Composing Space, Gjethuset, 2015. Video by Natascha Thiara Rydvald, brook & black and Christina Bredahl Duelund


“Threshold”, neon, glass, mirror and wood. ”Outstanding”, Frederiksværk 2014.

They Say We Look The Same

“They Say We Look The Same”, hair, 3-D SLS, poplar og powder coated aluminium, Stories, Flensburg, Germany 2013.


“Nu”, teak pallet, paper with individual ink print. Stories, Flensborg 2013.


“Echo”, mirror, wood, abs and mdf, Halle am Wasser, Berlin 2012. Stories, Flensborg 2013.


“Between”, bound book and mdf. Halle am Wasser, Berlin 2012.


“Reflection”, hair, mirror and mdf. Halle am Wasser, Berlin 2012.

Waiting for Palo

“Waiting for Palo” wood, rope. Outstanding, Knud Rasmussen’s House, Hundested 2011