“Sus”, video. BYOB, Fabrikken for Kunst og Design 2011.


“Modifications”, mirror and painted wood, “…langt ude!”, Arresødalparken, Frederiksværk 2009

My Roommate

“My Roommate”, video installation. Roommade/Roommate, Gjethuset 2009.

November Song

“November Song”, video installation, Bedre skulptur end aldrig, Portalen 2008.

Next Door

“Next Door”, video. Wall To Wall – Rhythm And Poetry, Filosofgangen 2008.

Amager Fælled Skole

Embellishment, Amager Fælled Skole 2008. In cooperation with Marianne Hesselbjerg and Emil Salto.


“Absence”, painted acrylic fiber. Relief, Galleri PI 2007.


“Threshold”, wood, glass and iron. Threshold, Møstings Hus 2006.

Couple no. 64

“Couple no. 64”, video. Ny Duel, Århus Kunstbygning 2006. Copenhague en Cuenca, Cuenca, Spain 2008.